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Presidetial Election 2000 Essays - Al Gore, , Term Papers

Presidetial Election 2000 The two main candidates for the election of 2000 are George W. Bush and Al Gore. Al Gore, of course, being the current Vice President. I have never been into the whole politics game. But, know that I am 18 years old I feel I should start paying more attention to political issues. I don't know if I am going to vote this year, and if I did I don't know who I would vote for. I really don't know much about either canditate. All I know is that Gore is Vice President to Clinton, and we all know how most people feel about Clinton. In order for me to make a judgment on who I am going to vote for I would like to know where each canditate satnds on different political issues. Some of the issues I will be covering are abortion, crime, drugs, education, environment, and gun control. These are the issues I am most interested in, and I would like a president who agrees with me on a good portion of these issues. To start off, I am going to state where I stand on each of the isssues. I then will sate where each presidential canditate stands on each issue. The first topic I would like to discuss is abortion. Abortion is kind of a big thing to me. I am one of those who is against abortion. I feel abortion is kind of like murder. I know it is easy for me to say that abortion is wrong, because I have never gotten a girl pregnant before. I understand that some tees make mistakes and want to correct those mistakes. But, I feel more people should stand up for their mistakes and take some action. Instead of having the baby aborted, the parents should put the child up for adoption. What if that kid was going to come up with a cure for cancer? I bet the parents would not want o abort the child then. Abortion is one area I agree with Bush. Bush wants to cut down the amount of abortions given out the whole year. Bush also wants to turn the choice of having abortions over to the state. Gore, on the other hand, wants to leave the choice in the woman's hand. He feels it is up to her to decide whether or not to have an abortion. Gore also wants medicare to pay for abortions. I feel that it is totally wrong for the government to support the murder of an unborn child. I have to say that I am a little disappointed that neither canditate is taking a direct stand against abortion. Although I agree with Bush more than Gore I feel both candidates are trying to steer around the abortion topic. The next issue I would like to discuss is crime. As we all know crime is a big problem in our country. I am in favor of adding more funding to increase police officers pay and to increase the overall bettering of policing across the country. I feel police officers are extremely under paid for the jobs that they do. Crime is one issue I agree with Gore on. Gore wants to intensify the fight against crime. He wants to add 50000 more police to the streets in the next 10 years. Bush on the other hand didn't have too much in speaking out against crimes. Both candidates support having the death penalty. But, only Gore states that he wants to have the death penalty for the killing of a federal officer. I like that idea because it shows that Gore is going to protect his own. The next issue I am going to discuss ties in with the previous issue of crime, drugs. Drugs are a huge problem right now in our society. Almost everyone I know has done a drug at some point in their lives. I know growing up in Chicago I came across a lot of people with a drug problem. But, it is not only in the city where drug use occurs. It happens in the suburbs, the farms, and everywhere else. The fight against drugs is an area I feel

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Wilma Rudolph Quotes

Wilma Rudolph Quotes The fastest woman in the world at the 1960 Olympics where she won three gold medals, Wilma Rudolph wore metal braces on her legs as a child. Known for her dignity and grace, Wilma Rudolph died of brain cancer in 1994. Selected Wilma Rudolph Quotations Never underestimate the power of dreams and the influence of the human spirit. We are all the same in this notion. The potential for greatness lives within each of us. My doctors told me I would never walk again. My mother told me I would. I believed my mother. The triumph cant be had without the struggle. And I know what struggle is. I have spent a lifetime trying to share what it has meant to be a woman first in the world of sports so that other young women have a chance to reach their dreams. I dont consciously try to be a role model, so I dont know if I am or not. Thats for other people to decide. I tell them that the most important aspect is to be yourself and have confidence in yourself. I remind them the triumph cant be had without the struggle. No matter what accomplishments you make, somebody helps you. I thought Id never get to see that. Florence Griffith Joyner every time she ran, I ran. about her leg braces: I spent most of my time trying to figure out how to get them off. But when you come from a large, wonderful family, theres always a way to achieve your goals. I walked with braces until I was at least nine years old. My life wasnt like the average person who grew up and decided to enter the world of sports. My mother taught me very early to believe I could achieve any accomplishment I wanted to. The first was to walk without braces. I ran and ran and ran every day, and I acquired this sense of determination, this sense of spirit that I would never, never give up, no matter what else happened. By the time I was 12 I was challenging every boy in our neighborhood at running, jumping, everything. The feeling of accomplishment welled up inside of me, three Olympic gold medals. I knew that was something nobody could ever take away from me, ever. When I was going through my transition of being famous, I tried to ask God why was I here? what was my purpose? Surely, it wasnt just to win three gold medals. There has to be more to this life than that. What do you do after you are world famous and nineteen or twenty and you have sat with prime ministers, kings and queens, the Pope? Do you go back home and take a job? What do you do to keep your sanity? You come back to the real world. When the sun is shining I can do anything; no mountain is too high, no trouble too difficult. I believe in me more than anything in this world. Related Resources for Wilma Rudolph Women in Track and FieldWomen in the Olympics Explore Womens Voices and Womens History Womens Voices - About Womens QuotesPrimary SourcesBiographiesToday in Womens HistoryWomens History Home About These Quotes Quote collection assembled by Jone Johnson Lewis. Each quotation page in this collection and the entire collection  © Jone Johnson Lewis 1997-2005. This is an informal collection assembled over many years. I regret that I am not be able to provide the original source if it is not listed with the quote. Citation information:Jone Johnson Lewis. Wilma Rudolph Quotes. About Womens History. URL: http://womenshistory.about.com/od/quotes/wilma_rudolph.htm . Date accessed: (today). (More on how to cite online sources including this page)

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Crisis Management and the Aaron Hernandez Saga Research Paper

Crisis Management and the Aaron Hernandez Saga - Research Paper Example he murder cases surrounding Aaron Hernandez have led to great damages not only to the image of Aaron Hernandez himself, but also the people and organizations with which Aaron Hernandez was associated. This paper discusses and analyses the Aaron Hernandez saga and the endeavors made by different stakeholders in the handling and management of the negativity brought about by the Aaron Hernandez crisis. Aaron Hernandez saga, even though with a very unclear origin, can be traced right from the childhood that Hernandez had to bear. As is common with most people, the environment to a huge extent dictates the personalities of individuals. Aaron Hernandez was brought up in a loving family. Aaron Hernandez loved, trusted and really had a strong belief in the principles of the parents. The trust Aaron Hernandez had on his father had positive consequences as well as negative consequences on him (Aaron Hernandez) all in equal measure (The University of Liverpool, 2014). Positively, Aaron Hernandez’s father played a huge role in bringing up Aaron Hernandez as a very responsible and a self-motivated individual (The University of Liverpool, 2014). Being responsible in Aaron Hernandez is evidenced when he decided to pick up a career in professional football. Aaron Hernandez is seen as a successful player with attractive records in the NFL, some of which: playing in the super-bowls and in the top-flight tight end. Negatively however, Dennis Hernandez (Aaron Hernandez’s father) had rogue characteristics such as frequently being convicted of assault. From this study, it can be argued that Aaron Hernandez inherited the â€Å"genes of crime† from his father (The Courant, 2014). Being a football player, Aaron Hernandez is prone to crime. American football is a game characterized with hard tackles let alone the physical demands the players have to go through before they qualify as professionals (The Courant, 2014). A huge number of players in the NFL are also drug users, which

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How technology affects my life everyday Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

How technology affects my life everyday - Essay Example They have improved efficiency leading to increased productivity. Simultaneously, it has motivated people to be innovative in their application of technology, especially in education so that it can reach to still larger number of learners. Technology has become intrinsic part of contemporary society and therefore it becomes very difficult to envisage life without it. In case of emergencies like accident, mobile phones greatly facilitate in informing others about it and get timely help which would otherwise have become quite impossible. Another area is transport. Technology has considerably impacted transport system and made it easy for people to travel from one place to another. Regional and national boundaries have diminished and people can traverse great distance at very short time. In the absence of use of technology in transport system, development of societies and nations would have just remained a dream and not a reality. (words: 258)

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Recruiting Source Choices Internal vs. External

Recruiting Source Choices Internal vs. External The article is about recruitment source choices. The author was studying internal and external recruitment methods to find out which one is appropriate and in which situation it is applicable. The recruitment source selection is a course step, which is mostly about the combination of the cost and the speed of the selection of the new worker. The major issue for the human resource recruiter is about the preference between the internal and external recruitment. The tool used in was use examination of secondary information. The population studied was the employees. Internal recruitment offers the opportunity to the workers of the organization; however it is not appropriate for all the job vacancies. External recruitment is costly, it takes longer time and the new worker does not know the organization moreover the learning curve is not complex. Internal recruitment is the best tool for the job vacancies, this is because the experience is available within the organization furthermore; it enables the use of human capital competently as the employees shift to the job positions, the employees value added for the company is maximized (http://yourhrmguide.com/content/recruitment-source-selection-internal-or-external-recruitment). External recruitment is appropriate for the job vacancy where the company needs to improve its competence for the external know-how and for the job positions, which are private and they cannot be declared internally to employees. The external recruitment is mostly used when the organization needs stability and the employees cannot shift from the job position to another. Internal recruitment is the best recruitment tool when the organization improves its processes and services given to the other divisions in the organization or to the external clients. The external recruitment ought to be used when the company wants to introduce a new field of the corporation and it needs to increase an expertise and knowledge quickly. Section 2 How does having multiple recruiting means help enterprise establish its brand? Having multiple recruiting means help enterprise establish its brand because it offers variety of choices to all clients. By doing this it expands the range n which the firm reaches its clients. For instance since the company has an MTV show, an online game and other recruitment methods, clients choose the method they like most. The MTV show is very interesting and it has attracted many candidates. The contenders were asked questions and were judged in relation to their answers, since three out of four candidates were offered jobs, this has attracted many contenders and as a result there were many referrals. The variety of activities in the firm has helped in enterprise recruitment which has accordingly assisted its strategic goal of launching its employment brand. This is because the program combines all of enterprise recruitment resources and advertisement its website as well as other recruitment efforts. The television show and the online games were attention getters but what has made the enterprise expand the most is from employee referrals. The enterprise workers who refer candidates are heavily rewarded to up to $500 to $1,500 and additionally get permanent employment. It is an advantage since the referrals check out the firm and mention the enterprise to others thereby expanding the pool of potential recruits. This has really helped the enterprise8 in establishing its brand. Go to the enterprise website (www.erac.com/recruit) and the click on tab About Enterprise. Check out the online game, career opportunities and other components. Then evaluate how effective you feel the website is an employment branding and recruiting The companys website give me the business is very popular. The game lets people have an experience of a customer service corporation. It is virtual marketing of enterprise and its fun culture as a result; it is an employment branding and recruiting resource. The graphics, web contents, and designs bring credit for the firm. The companys website is scalable and of high quality hence very effective. It is a specialized website since it offers the most-valuable messages, services such as games and specific products to his clients and since any one can browse and scrutinize about the services profoundly and independently it is an employment branding and recruiting resource. Section 3 What are some advantages and disadvantages of recruiting internally versus recruiting externally? Advantages of internal recruitment are that; it is less expensive since it does not involve paying external agency for recruitment. It improves the morale of existing employees; there is recognition and reward of the excellent performance of internal employees. Internal recruitment reinforces and supports the organizations succession planning strategies. Internal staffs have existing information accessible about their skills. Disadvantages of internal recruitment are that it can reinforce existing negative behavior; there will be the risk of in breeding. Employees that are not promoted can become unhappy. In internal recruitment a strong performance management structure is required and it can promote political infighting amongst internal employees. Advantages of external recruitment are that; it avoids the risk of forming resentment by endorsing the favorites from the inside. The employees from the outside introduce fresh ideas, skills and knowledge. External recruitment forces internal staff to update their skills and education; it helps to facilitate change in mores. The disadvantages of external recruitment are that; new employees may not fit the existing customs within the organization. It might affect the morale of internal employees who have been over-looked. It needs a longer period of orientation and induction; assists to facilitate change in customs in the organization. Another disadvantage is that it may take longer to fill up the position and it may as well create resentment from existing workers (http://yourhrmguide.com/content/recruitment-source-selection-internal-or-external-recruitment).

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Aldis Case study

Q1. Describe what is eant by the term Marketing?Ans. The chartered Institute of Marketing describes the term ‘Marketing’ as the process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying consumer requirements profitability.Q2. Explain why is it Important to balance the marketing mix?Ans. It is important to provide high quality products to the consumer at reasonable price. Marketing mix is a complex set of variable. Marketing mix of every business is different. Aldi’s mix focuses on providing high quality products that a are cheaper alternatives to famous brands.Aldi’s Marketing mix focuses on Product – High quality like brands Price – Aldi’s offers lower prices that its competitors without compromising on quality Place – Aldi’s outlets are expanding globally Promotions – Aldi’s uses the combination of ‘Above the line’ and ‘Below the line’ promotional strategiesQ3. Analyse the f actors that might affect the location of a new Aldi’s store Ans. Factors that might affect the location of a new Aldi’s store :-1. They keep their store layout simple so that the wastage can be minimised and as a result of that it will keep the costs low. This will ensure that people or customers of Aldi’s will get best quality products at lower prices2. They kept into account the demographic factor of the area where the store is located3. People visiting the store should be maximum and this can be ensured by better connectivity. Good transport facility availability should be there.4. They emphasized that the store should be located in the heart of the city to ensure access to large number of consumers.5. Store should have good visibility and this can be ensured by having the store near the main road.6. One most important factor was they ensured that the store should be in a location where there is very less to no competition.Q4. Evaluate how Aldi has identified a unique position within a competitive marketplace. Ans. Aldi’s has identified a unique position within a competitive marketplace by following few things:-1. Availability of the  best quality products to the customers2. Providing lower prices products but with good quality3. By having the correct marketing mix4. They did it by adopting different types of promotional strategies like ‘Above the line’ and ‘Below the line’5. With the help of advocate customers, who persuaded others as well to buy the products from Aldi’s6. They aim at making loyal customers which will always stick to them or buy products from them7. Use of AIDA model to increase the market share, AIDA stands for, (A)Awareness, (I) Interest, (D) Desire, (A) Action8. One of the most important reason of their strong position in the market is that they used to explore all over the world for best quality product and selection of handpicked suppliers

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Educational Aspiration: High School Education vs College Education

In our current economy, the need for a college education becomes increasingly valuable despite the high cost of tuition and loans. The demand for skilled, college-educated laborers is high. A college education can also determine your future income potential and in many cases, it is the only way a person can climb up the socioeconomic ladder. There are two theories that suggests why the need for a college education has been growing — increased international competition and skill-biased technology. The first theory focuses on the globalization of the U. S. economy. The argument is that increased competition from low skilled labor abroad has decreased the wages of low-skilled workers at home. At first, this theory seems to make sense but the statistics do not make sense. The reason is that only a small portion of the US economy is actually subject to competition from abroad. Also, job competition is growing in both the most and the least trade-affected industries at about the same rate. (Irons, 1998) The second theory for the increase in need for a college education has been called â€Å"skill-biased technological change†. The idea is current technology favors the higher skilled, higher educated workers over lower skilled workers. An example would be the increase use of computer technology has helped in the productivity and wages of the computer users and programmers. But, this increase does not help increase stagnated wages of the â€Å"lesser† educated worker who does not know this new technology. The only problem with this theory is that technological growth is a difficult to measure. There are two many hard to define variables to statistically measure this kind of change. (Irons, 1998) Even if these theories were to be debunked, the idea that a college education is more valuable that a high school education is correct. Statistically, a person with a college education generates a great deal more income in a lifetime than a high school graduate. Likewise, a high school graduate definitely has a higher income than a high-school dropout. The following chart shows a huge numeric difference in economic outcomes as a result of the educational status of the worker. The increase in income between the groups is a direct result of the educational degree attained. No High School 10,236 20,146 68,275 (Diaz-Geminiz, Quadrini, and Rios-Rull (1997) In Dimensions of Inequality, Diaz-Geminiz, Quadrini, and Rios-Rull theorizes the financial inequality in the U. S. according to the labor earnings, income, and wealth among U. S. households. Labor earnings are the amount of salary taken home as a result from working. Total income includes labor earning plus any additional income, such as stocks or savings accounts, and even income from government transfers, like Social Security and Welfare. And lastly, wealth represents the total stock of past savings. According to this theory of financial inequality, the top end of the distribution has seen a growth in their income while those at the lower end have seen their income stagnate. The financial distribution is highly skewed in the U. S. with the top 1% of households owning 30% of the American pie. This is 875 times more wealth that the bottom 40% of the distribution. Increasingly, the only way to obtain a decent piece of the economic pie is by earning a college degree. The higher your college degree, i. e. masters or Ph. D. , the higher your potential income earnings. Rather, education is the most important way in which people can make it into the upper end of the income distribution. Besides the differences in incomes among the college educated and non-college educated, there are also differences in employment opportunities among college educated, high school educated, and high school dropouts. The answer is yes. Your education also holds the key to what kinds of jobs or career you can or cannot obtain. According to the National Center For Education Statistics, â€Å"post-secondary degree attainment is associated with better access to employment and higher earnings. In 1995, on average, male bachelor†s degree recipients aged 25-34 earned 52 percent more, and female bachelor†s degree recipients 91 percent more, than their counterparts with a high school diploma. † On average, a limited education impedes a person†s employment opportunities. Rather, how much education one can obtain will affect how broad their job opportunity outlook will be. According to Youth Indicators, â€Å"Between 1965 and 1992, the percentage of non-college bound high school graduates entering the labor force changed little. The apparent dip in 1970 was caused by the entry of young men into the military rather than the civilian labor force. In contrast, the proportion of college students who were also in the labor force rose from 28% in 1965 to 49% in 1992. † Therefore, there are more job opportunities among the college educated than high school educated. Statistically, the value of a college education can be invaluable for one†s economic future. With this realization, post-secondary enrollments have increased continuously over the years. â€Å"The percentage of high school graduates who enrolled in 2- or 4- year colleges and universities in the October following graduation increased from 49% to 62% between 1972 and 1995. During this same period, the percentage of 25- to 29- year old high school graduates who had completed 4 or more years of college rose from 24% to 28%. † (National Center for Education Statistics) A college education also has a value beyond monetary terms. A college education can open the doors of opportunities for anyone willing to take advantage of that opportunity. High school cannot offer the same opportunity. A university has far superior resources for its students than high school. A person can learn a lot about life by simply being a college student. Most importantly, beyond attaining a degree, is the knowledge one can earn through attending college. The process of learning is a priceless tool that can only be enhanced by the college experience.